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KYSC Coaches Corner


NEW COACHES: You will need to register for the KidSafe Program. Please click HERE to register online (through "").

ALL COACHES:  are to create a GotSoccer account at > Team & Team Officials > Individual Coach

All coaches, managers and team officials are REQUIRED to:

1.  Successfully register and pass a Background Check

2.  Complete the SafeSport training modules

3.  Complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion Awareness Training

All three (3) components are mandatory in order for the adult to receive a KidSafe Participation pass and to be added to a team account/roster.  Each component is linked through the individual’s GotSoccer account.

You can access the courses by logging into your individual
coach/manager account. The courses are not available through
the team account. 


This LINK for SafeSport training may help you with login.

Thank you for volunteering your time and talents to get our kids involved
in the game of soccer.  Please address any questions to the VP Coaches



U.S. Soccer sanctioned coaching clinics are offered by KYSC before the start of our FALL and SPRING seasons. All courses will be coordinated by South Texas YSA and administered through the U.S. Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center.


Completion of a Grassroots license is required within one year of your KYSC coaching start date. 


  • Grassroots 9v9 In-Person Coaching License Registration link


PLEASE READ.  Coaches logging in for the first time will be asked to create their own Digital Coaching Center (DCC) account.  Remember your login information as you will need to access your account at the end of the clinic


Note that you will need to complete the free online Introduction to GrassRoots Coaching module (~15 minutes) before being allowed to register for the 9v9 clinic.  This module is free of charge and available to ANY interested coach even if they are not participating in one of the in-person clinics. 


Coaching clinics are free of charge to KYSC coaches. The $65 cost of the training will initially be charged to your credit card at the time of registration.  KYSC coaches, however, will be fully reimbursed upon successful completion of the course.   Successful completion of the course requires that BOTH the classroom instruction and the field session are completed. Costs will only be reimbursed by KYSC if both sessions are completed.


You must notify JT Toys at that you are registered for a course.


For more information and useful downloads, please see the South Texas YSA website at

Topics Covered in the Clinics...

  • Age-appropriate, Play-Practice-Play coaching philosophy

  • Team organization

  • Constructing effective practice plans

  • Samples of age appropriate activities


There are four U.S. Soccer Grassroots licenses (4v4; 7v7; 9v9; and 11v11) that comprise the entry level coaching education program.  KYSC will host a 4v4 and an 11v11 clinic for the Fall 2019 season.


Each new license is four (4) hours in length comprised of two hours of classroom instruction followed by a two hour field session focused on the unique characteristics of the age group and playing format.  The highlight of each course is that age appropriate players accompanied by an instructor are utilized in a realistic training environment that provide new coaches the opportunity for hands-on experience in coaching education.

The clinics are especially helpful to coaches wishing to become more familiar with the game of soccer and are seeking assistance in preparing practice plans. Also, coaches who are experienced players themselves will find the clinics very educational in learning how to make the transition from “playing” the game of soccer to “teaching” the game of soccer.

Coaching Resources

Below we've posted some helpful links that can hopefully assist you in your role as a KYSC volunteer coach. You have taken the first step in becoming an important figure in making a difference in a child's life; helping them to learn the game of soccer, having fun, and playing with good sportsmanship!

  • Want to learn more about the specifics of an "Offside" call? Then click HERE to see a great pictorial description. (The offside rule is enforced starting at the U10 and higher division games.)

  • FALL 2021 Coaches Manual 

  • Looking for some different soccer drills to use at practices? Check out this LINK for some additional ideas. It covers U8 thru U14, with additional skill drills too.

  • Team Sponsor Form Please visit the SCHEDULES page to download and print the form.  

STYSA bylaws require all coaches to complete a minimum coaching license (Youth Module) within one (1) year of beginning to coach. Failure to do so can result in being ineligible to continue coaching.

Coaches - Please do your best to make the games FUN for the players. If your team is dominating the game by more than 4 goals, possibly try some other strategies to make the game more enjoyable for both sides!

RESPECT On the Field! Check out this YouTube video to see how NOT to behave on the sidelines. 


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Under 8

Under 7

Under 11

Under 12 - U19

Under 10